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Healthy Lifestyle Author, Filmmaker and Coach
Video Producer
Healthy Lifestyle Coach in Los Angeles, CA

Former Location Sound Mixer
Los Angeles based location sound mixer for video production.

The Interview Studio
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The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living
Visit my website about natural living and learn all about health food store shopping, detoxification, supplements, natural medicine, holistic dentistry, water filters, healthy eating, organic food and a whole lot more. My natural living website is at
Greener Magazine
October 2002 - March 2003
I launched Greener in Feb 2003 as a free, advertiser supported magazine in Seattle, WA.
The content was edgy and geared towards activism, alternative news, natural living and holistic health.
10,000 copies were distributed throughout the Seattle area.
The favorite article for most readers was "Getting Better all the Time."
Unfortunately, the Seattle economy could not support this magazine.

The EcoVision Journal
April 2001 - August 2002
The EcoVision Journal was launched in August 2001 by Dana McCants & myself in Seattle, WA.
This was an advertiser supported magazine devoted to natural living.
We distributed 30,000 magazines every two months in over 500 locations.
Due to a number of reasons, Dana and I sold the magazine after 8 issues in August of 2003.
The new owner has not put out any issues as of April of 2003.

Natural Life News & Directory
April 2000 - March 2001
I launched and published the Natural Life News & Directory in June of 2000 in Bozeman, MT.
This was an advertiser supported magazine devoted to natural living.
3,500 magazines were distributed every month in 8 cities.
After 8 issues, I sold the magazine to move to Seattle and launch The EcoVision Journal.
The magazine is now bi-monthly with a circulation of 10,000, and it continues to grow.

 Professional Photographer
Since 1985

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