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 ADD/ADHD: A Natural Cure Overview
(Download all 3 articles in a PDF file that you can print and share with others!)
(Visit http://www.handle.org for more information)
By Larry Cook

Gather Information
1) Read our three part series "ADD/ADHD: Cause & Cure" on our Web site: www.theecovisionjournal.com.
2) Read "Natural Treatments for ADD/ADHD and Hyperactivity" by Dr. Skye Weintraub, N.D.
3) Read "Why Your Child is Hyperactive" by Ben Feingold, M.D.
4) Visit The HANDLE Institute's Web site: www.handle.org
5) Surf the Web for "Holistic Treatment of ADD/ADHD" & scan the various Web sites.

Improve The Diet & Take Supplements
1) Eliminate all foods with preservatives and additives of any kind.
2) Eliminate or reduce dramatically all sugar foods, including candy, baked goods, soft drinks (7 teaspoons of sugar!), gum, honey, syrup, sugar cereals, etc.
3) Don't use chemical sugar substitutes such as Aspartame (look for a future article about this poisonous substance).
4) Do use herbal sugar substitutes such as stevia.
5) Minimize eating packaged foods and instead prepare fresh food.
6) Reduce or eliminate dairy, which has been shown to cause allergies in children. It's been proven that children do not require it to be healthy.
7) Eat mostly or all organic, whole foods (instead of processed foods).
8) Take flax seed oil daily, because the Omega three fatty acids build the white fatty myelin sheath on connective neural fibers.
9) Take a good mineral supplement and a green superfood such as Spirulina, Blue Green Algae or Chlorella.
10) Drink fresh organic carrot and beet juice for superior nutrition several times a week.

Visit Holistic Practitioners
1) Go to The HANDLE Institute in Seattle-they have the neurological understanding that's missing with most other holistic practitioners. Based on research into the cause and cure of ADD/ADHD, The HANDLE Institute's programs are essential for the successful reversing of ADD. Their number is: 206-860-2665
2) See a naturopathic doctor. Get a full physical, including a blood test and heavy metal toxicity test. A Naturopath will help get the bio-chemical balance back to optimum levels.
3) Cranio-sacral therapy has been shown to improve ADD/ADHD symptoms.
4) Consider other holistic therapies such as acupuncture, Network chiropractic care and even massage.

Interacting with an ADD/ADHD Child
1) Allow him to rock, drum or otherwise move when you are talking to him, because the movement keeps his vestibular system working so he can pay attention (See article II).
2) Allow her to look away when talking with her, because then she doesn't have to be overloaded with visual information while focusing on the cognitive meaning of your words.
3) Remove the child from fluorescent lighting-the fast flickering causes severe disturbances for ADD/ADHD children (ask the child's teacher to move him to a window seat).
4) Create a peaceful, quiet and visually non-distracting environment in whihc he can do schoolwork.
5) Give only one command at a time, and allow more time than usual for the child to respond. Wait until the task is completed before giving another task.

Additional Notes
For most adults and children, ADD/ADHD is quite curable, so don't be intimidated by anyone who tells you otherwise. If you follow the above guidelines, you can expect to see positive results, probably within three months, if not sooner.