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 Healing cancer naturally: unlimiting the views

An interview with Scott E. Miners
Publisher, The Well Being Journal

Gene Scott: You recently edited and wrote some of the articles in "Healing Cancer Naturally," a special edition of the Well Being Journal (2001) that you published, which has sold almost 20,000 copies to date. What would you do if you had been diagnosed with cancer?

Scott Miners: I was so diagnosed many years ago. Given what I have learned in the past ten years, the very first things I would do would be to detoxify my body and put into it only what is pure. Mostly the assumption here is to use some substance or other to help detoxify, and that is correct, and pure water is of prime importance (people have healed just by water fasting alone). However, important as these approaches are, there is one even more item crucial to look at in most cases: toxic thoughts and emotions.

G.S.: Will you elaborate?
S.M.: There may be cases of cancer that are isolated to causes such as environmental toxins. These cases do not fall into the category of toxic thoughts and emotions as causal of your or my cancerous condition. However, I say it is important to look at this aspect of cancer along with any detoxification and support of the body, because every anger or disappointment or hurt that you remember or hold against someone is an energy in your being that attracts a growth, and it is a negative growth.

G.S.: What would you suggest when this is the case?
S.M.: Without a doubt in my mind, if you have any illness that could be related to the psychological-and most are in some way-then forgiveness is the solution. When you forgive someone (including yourself!) you understand him or her. When you understand, it lifts or transforms the energy in your being that was causing a growth. This is a most natural and very powerful "treatment" that, from my perspective, must be a part of the healing program. Because if you have unresolved issues, all of the medical treatments, natural herbs and foods and immune system support and detoxification in the world will only help in a compromised way-it is very much a time to reexamine and rethink all of your life.

G.S.: Regarding a cancer diagnosis and natural treatments, why is it so many physicians only recommend treatments limited to chemotherapy or surgery? Have collective politics been involved in a subtle suppression of very effective natural cancer healing modalities?
S.M.: There is evidence that all the potential help that alternative therapies could offer has been and still is being suppressed. Many people who are aware of alternatives tell me they would like to use proven, natural treatments, as they have no side effects, but that their insurance doesn't cover those options. So they opt for chemotherapy and radiation because the insurance covers it; then they buy out-of-pocket whatever they can afford from the health stores. I read an article recently by investigative journalist Peter Barry Chowka, who interviewed David J. Hess, Ph.D. author of Evaluating Alternative Cancer Therapies, about biases toward cancer treatment. He said he became interested in how industrial interests create selection pressures in academic science and research that tends to favor research programs that benefit industry rather than the general public.

G.S.: What can someone do today if diagnosed with cancer; where can someone find information about alternative therapies?
S.M.: Start by asking your oncologist: "Will you give me the names of at least five of your patients who have been healed of cancer for at least five years," and if he or she cannot do so, ask more questions. You will find from other sources that there are many effective, time-tested, nontoxic, natural treatments-and a plethora of success stories. Many pharmaceutical claims state that chemotherapy and radiation caused the cure of a cancer, but little is said about the adverse side effects: immune system damage, brain damage and scarring that can last a lifetime. Our special edition on "Healing Cancer Naturally" is a good place to begin to explore alternatives, as it is full of success stories, information and resources for further reading.

G.S.: It is hard to believe that there are only two basic treatments supported by the medical system and insurance.
S.M.: Most state administrative laws in the U.S. bar physicians from treating cancer with anything but chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. This limit of physicians to conventional oncology is a result of medical practices laws that were put into effect many years ago. Those laws derive from AMA interests and are related to "the conventional cancer industry." See Harris Coulter, Ph.D.'s wonderful book Divided Legacy.

G.S.: What do you know about chemotherapy?
S.M.: Ralph Moss, Ph.D., who is a leading researcher in the field of both conventional and CAM treatments for cancer, states that for the vast majority of cancer cases, there is no proof that chemotherapy extends life. For a minority of tumors-Hodgkin's disease and testicular cancer being two examples-chemotherapy does extend life, and the keyword here is "extend," not improve, but for the majority it does not (extend or improve). In fact, when Dr. Moss suggested to an oncologist that chemotherapy on solid tumors, especially in disseminated disease, shows no proof of working, the oncologist replied by stating: "I'd go further than that. I'd say that there is proof-proof that it doesn't work."

G.S.: That is a most revealing statement.
S.M.: Indeed. We quoted another physician in our special who said he was diagnosed with cancer at age sixty-five and refused chemotherapy and radiation, even though he was told by his oncologist he would only live one more year without those treatments. He went out and learned about alternatives. He visited the Virginia Livingston Clinic in San Diego and went on a program of natural foods and raw vegetable juices, lots of water, and he healed. Then he acted as director of the Clinic for the next twenty years.
I know the science shows chemotherapy seemingly destroys cancer viruses or cells. However, it also shows that chemotherapy destroys healthy cells too. The Hippocratic Oath includes the words: "To do no harm" to the patient. The overwhelming evidence is that there are many treatments that are nontoxic and do no harm as does chemotherapy and radiation.

G.S.: What are some of the alternative cancer treatments that are covered in your special edition "Healing Cancer Naturally"?
S.M.: One of the most fascinating stories is the one about Haelan. I was approached about four years ago by the author of our feature, Donna Sage, and I asked her lots of questions. She had met the president of Haelan by coincidence on a flight to Houston. She sent us a draft article at my request, and I asked her many more questions after reading it. She did the research and then introduced me to the president of the Haelan company and their chief researcher.
The researcher discovered the product in China, where it was used effectively to offset the ill-effects of chemotherapy and to stop cachexia. This man helped the company that produces Haelan to refine it. He discovered, through his research in fermentation processes, that when you nitrogenate the isoflavones in soy, the isoflavones can enter the cancer cell and disintegrate it from within. Cancer cells otherwise won't let isoflavones in via the cell receptors, but they will let nitrogen in because cancer thrives on it. When you attach a nitrogen molecule to the isoflavone, the cancer cell pulls in the nitrogen with the isoflavone attached, and that is the beginning of its demise. I am very impressed with the number of people who have healed cancer conditions with the use of Haelan.

G.S.: Would you use Haelan if you had cancer?
S.M.: Without a doubt in my mind. It would be the first aid I would add to my program. I have used it. It is expensive, and it isn't covered by insurance (yet), but it is expensive because of the painstaking fermentation process, the hand-picked pure soybeans and water used and the labor. It isn't expensive compared to chemotherapy, even if it is covered by insurance, because there are no harmful side effects and it is very effective in regressing tumors and alleviating cancer cells from the body. I highly recommend reading our in-depth article about this fascinating product on our website:wellbeingjournal.com.

G.S.: What else is in your special edition?
S.M.: Another wonderful feature in the special edition is the Essiac story, which I first wrote myself about six or seven years ago and then updated for this special issue. Essiac is an herbal formula, also called Floressence™, that is seen to be a tumor regressor, detoxifier and general immune system enhancer. It is associated with thousands of cases of healing cancer. It is now being studied at two major universities and is used in hospitals in Russia.
There are also feature articles about MGN-3, a special derivative of mushrooms now used effectively by thousands of people; Thymic Protein A, which is proven now to be a powerful immune system enhancer to build the body's ability to manufacture T-cells; Medical Ozone therapy-the oxygenation of the blood-as oxygen disintegrates pathogens such as cancer cells, and viruses such as HIV, and has been used effectively in Europe for fifteen years; Hyperthermia, the application of heat (done in clinical settings) to raise the body's temperature and detoxify; The Gerson Therapy, which uses natural foods, raw vegetable juices and enemas to detoxify the body; Una de Gato, an Amazon rainforest herb (root) that has long been used for its effectiveness with cancer and immunity; Flax oil, which supplies EFAs and is associated with the prevention and cure of breast cancer especially. And an intriguing story about Intrasound and its association to the healing of cancer.
Really, the whole issue is a seventy-two page magazine packed full of valuable knowledge: which foods to eat, how to detoxify, how to build the immune system, and there are many personal stories-people telling how they did what they did with these natural alternatives. Also, there are resources, clinics and other sources referenced which readers may use to acquire more in-depth information. I highly recommend reading this special edition of the Journal.

Healing Cancer Naturally, 2001is a special edition of the Well Being Journal and costs $6.95. To order call 888-532-3117.

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