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Detoxification Overview: How To Eliminate Disease Causing Poisons

By Larry Cook

Detoxing is probably the least fun of the healing process, yet one of the most necessary. There are four main areas to detox, in this order:

1) The colon. After many years of eating chemicalized, overprocessed and fatty foods, as well as animal products­which putrefy (rot) in the intestines­the colon will become a literal sewer of toxins. When toxins can't be flushed through the colon, they will be transported to other parts of the body, resulting in all manner of disease and then cancer. Thus, cleaning the colon is one of your top priorities.

2) The Liver. The liver extracts a number of nutrients from the bloodstream for use by the body, and the liver detoxes the body of harmful chemicals, drugs and other toxins, such as alcohol. When the liver is overloaded with toxins, toxins then begin to accumulate throughout the body, resulting in disease, and cancer. Further, an overburdened liver has trouble extracting nutrients, reducing overall health. Cleaning the liver is very important.

3) The kidneys. The kidneys also clean out toxins, but they mostly remove waste by-products that the body has sent to them. Kidneys can also be easily overloaded, especially when the liver is overloaded. They need to be detoxed too.

4) Everything else. This includes the brain, the cells and the rest of the body. Once toxins get into the cells and especially into the nervous system, they are hard to remove. One of the reasons why exercise is so important is because vigorous movement moves toxins through the skin via the lymph nodes. Fortunately, there are many natural substances which aid the body in cleaning out all parts of the body. Some of those substances are available through a Naturopathic Doctor.

I highly suggest reading
"Cleanse & Purify Thyself"
Dr. Richard Anderson

Cleansing Procedures

Colon Cleanse.
A) Fasting
Colon cleansing works best when one is fasting (eating no food). In fact, fasting on just water, vegetable juices (e.g. carrot, apple, beet) and wheat grass will do the body a lot of good. Fasting isn't always easy, because one can get hungry, as well as a bit "spacey" (yin) from a fast, but fasting is very safe when done in properly, and for no more than five days at a time. What to do: Stop eating all hard foods and only drink pure water, wheat grass (4 oz. 2X a day) and fresh vegetable juices (carrot, apple, beat, 12 ox., 3X a day). Try an all day Saturday fast first. Then do a Saturday/Sunday fast on a different weekend. Then do a Friday, Saturday and Sunday fast on another weekend. Consider using the next method as well.

B) Fasting with Bentonite, Psyllium Husk, Herbs, Minerals
Bentonite is a clay that pulls toxins out of the colon. Bentonite is one of the most powerful products available for this purpose. Psyllium Husks absorb liquid and expand hundreds of times their original size, giving them the ability to "grab" onto fecal matter and pull it out of the intestine. Herbs are used to help loosen hardened fecal matter so it will leave the body, as well as to kill parasites and worms living in the colon. Minerals are used to replenish the body because clay cleansing pulls out minerals as well. What to do (probably on a Saturday): Adjust timetables according to your waking schedule. Times don't need to be exact:

7:00 am Take all usual supplements, as well as wheat grass, herbs, minerals
9:00 am Drink miso broth (broth only) for grounding energy
9:30 am Mix two Tbls of bentonite w/8 oz. water, stir/drink
10:00 am Mix two Tbls of psyllium husks w/8 oz. warmed soy milk, stir/drink
2:00 pm Eat a light lunch, raw food and vegetarian, drink wheat grass/Veggie juice
4:30 pm Drink miso broth
5:00 pm Take bentonite
5:30 pm Take psyllium
7:30 pm Take bentonite
8:00 pm Take psyllium
8:30 pm Do an enema, until the entire bag can be put inside (see below)

- Drink a lot of water throughout the day.
- If you feel like you must eat, then do so, but keep taking the products
- Herbs include Milk Thistle and Dandelion, as well as others that come in the "Arise and Shine" kit (see below).
- Don't plan any activities where thinking is required for a fast day, because thinking is difficult when one is fasting.
- Relaxation, soothing music and baths are excellent for fast days.
- Take acidophilus and bifudus, friendly bacteria for the colon.

Enema Instructions: Add 1 tablespoon of Braggs Apple Cider to the enema bag with water. Use vegetable oil to lubricate insertion rod. Lay on side, pulling one leg up near stomach. Insert rod into rectum. Open water valve and let water in slowly. Allow as much water in as possible before needing to release. Repeat several times until you can get an entire bag in on one pass, but don't do more than four or five flushes at one time.

C) Use the "Arise & Shine" Colon Cleansing Kit.
"Arise & Shine" has an excellent colon cleansing program which I highly recommend. I used their products on my first cleanse. Everything you need is in the kit, and instructions give a comprehensive instructions. See "Cleanse & Purify Thyself Program" for ordering information. Again, I highly suggest purchasing and using this program. Find them at http://www.ariseandshine.com.

2) Liver Detox.
Take Milk Thistle, an herb, 2X as directed on bottle.

3) Kidney Detox.
Take Dandelion, an herb, as directed on bottle.

4) Everything Else.
A) Take "Green Kamut"
Sold as Powder or in capsules. 2X suggested dose per day. This is a powerful green cleanser, and is highly suggested.

B) Drink 3 to 4 oz. Of fresh wheat grass per day
Probably the best and most powerful detox drink available. Must be fresh to be most effective. Definitely worth the hassle. For example, a friend has had constipation all her life and recently had tried many natural ways to fix this problem, with little to some success. However, within just a few days of taking daily wheat grass (about 3 oz. a day), her constipation completely disappeared. Wheat grass is packed with nutrition and chlorophyll, which will give a boost of energy as well. Drinking wheat grass every day is probably one of the most important things you can do to promote healing.

C) Exercise
You only need about 15 minutes of vigorous exercise a day to get the lymph to move toxins out of the body.

D) Take Epsom salt baths with essential oils
Epsom salt helps to pull toxins out of the skin and essential oils promote healing. Try Sandalwood, Frankincense, lavender and Eucalyptus.