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A Clean Colon Helps Prevent Cancer & Disease

By Georgia Cold


Optimum Health, Georgia Cold, Bozeman, MT - (406) 582-4466

Each year, more than 70 million Americans suffer from bowel problems and spend more than 400 million dollars on laxatives. Each year, 100,000 Americans have a colostomy and 100,000 die from colon cancer.

Approximately 80 percent of all illness and disease originates in the colon. This isn't necessary though. Intestinal cleansing, properly guided with a change in diet, can help prevent most degenerative diseases and cancer. Cleansing has an antiseptic and solvent action on the intestines, removing putrefactive material, impacted fecal matter, excessive mucous, toxins, pus and infected tissue.

Colon Hydrotherapy-one type of intestinal cleansing-is a procedure in which the entire length of the colon is bathed and cleansed. You can almost think of it as water aerobics for the colon. It has been used extensively in Europe and America and is very beneficial to overall health. Healthy colon function is essential for good digestion, proper nutrient absorption and natural elimination of body waste and toxins.

Colon hydrotherapy has a beneficial effect on a wide variety of ailments that can arise from an accumulation of toxins in the body, including backache, headache, bad breath, coated tongue, gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, sinus or lung congestion, skin problems such as psoriasis, loss of concentration, obesity, food allergies, asthma and candida.

Gentle water flushes clear and detoxifies the lower intestine, which helps to reconstruct intestinal flora. Toxins are washed out, stimulating the liver and lymphatics to activate deep tissue detoxification. Colonic irrigation purges heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides from the body which have been acquired through our food and air. Because large amounts of fecal matter in our intestines prevent proper nutrient absorption and assimilation, eliminating these toxins is extremely important for good health.

Constipation comes from a number of factors, including eating processed foods high in saturated fats and low in fiber, lack of exercise, emotional and mental stress, and taking in substances like coffee, sugar, alcohol and tobacco. Colon therapy actually helps reestablish regular bowel movements by restoring colon muscle tone and normal peristalsis.

Colon Hydrotherapy also raises water levels in the body, which in turn increases blood volume and improves circulation, improving cardiovascular and circulatory functions.

Fasting and eating healthy also help the colon. Many herbal products and formulas on the market can go along with colon therapy in cleansing and detoxifying, like psyllium husks, bentonite clay, butchers broom, turkey rhubarb and cascara sagrada. These products act as a broom inside of the intestines, sweeping out debris.

Colon hydrotherapy is painless. It generally lasts between 45 and 60 minutes in a relaxed and comfortable setting. It is a good idea to eat lightly before and after the session.

The treatment consists of the gentle insertion of a sterile speculum into the rectum. The speculum has an inlet for filtered water and an outlet for toxic elimination. The therapist monitors the pressure and temperature of water irrigation. Elimination goes directly into the drain line, avoiding any offensive odor.

It is generally recommended to begin treatment with a series of six colonics over a two-week period, three each week, followed by maintenance treatments when necessary.