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Healing With Light

By Eric Thompson

She likened it to an experience she had undergone seven years earlier, when doctors had discovered five lumps in her breast. For her, it was more than fear. She had lost her mother to breast cancer, and now the same plague threatened to swallow her. It's an emotion so unique that it deserves its own word, and yet we'd probably only choke on it if ever forced to confront it. "I was totally blown away," she admitted, and who wouldn't be? Most of us never imagine that the end will come like that.

Now she was staring at another doctor, another chart, another positive test. Her particular demographic was typically high risk, and now statistically, she added her number to the many older women who suffer from the weakening condition. She was blown away, again. You can't stop osteoporosis. You can only hope to slow it down.

Today, she has neither breast cancer nor osteoporosis.

Stephanie Campbell was born the daughter of an English military officer in 1949. At the age of three weeks, her family uprooted and moved to Tokyo and not long after, England. She began acting at the age of thirteen and directed her first stage production, See How They Run at seventeen. At the University of Arizona-Tucson, she earned a double Master of Fine Arts for acting and directing, a feat which nearly killed her. Stephanie completed the normally four-year program in half that time, and she did so with a four point grade average. She has taught in Los Angeles, Michigan, and Tucson, and for the past seventeen years, she has established her drama prowess as the professor of stage and film acting at Montana State University. Her stage productions are perennial favorites, such as Atomic View Motel, Picasso At The Lapin Agile, and most recently The Dresser. But for this long divorced mother of two and not long grandmother of one, Stephanie is quick to point out: "Only the past twenty years matter."

After the initial shock of the breast cancer scare, Stephanie told doctors to give her three months to do her own work. She tried everything she could from acupuncture to naturopathic tinctures. In the end, one thing stood out to me as she described the process that three months later saw her in the doctor's office without a single trace of the alarming lumps.

The ancient Egyptians and other cultures worshipped it as their god. Christianity began with a figure who controversially declared that he was it. It is the key to color and sight. It is the work horse of fiber optic technology and laser surgery. It is used to measure time and distance. It's as intricate a part of life as breath. Little wonder then that it might be serviceable in modern medicine.
Stephanie Campbell healed herself with Light and Energy.

It's important to note the capitalization of the words. Twenty years ago, she started down a path of spirituality, and she refuses to discredit Divinity's guiding influence in her progression over the years. For three months, along with observing every homeopathic and medical requirement, she exercised a form of meditation and prayer to supplicate and focus those very powers. She used creative visualization to pull light into her body and watched as it eradicated the malicious tissues that endangered her, clearing them away completely.

So when her dexoscan revealed osteoporosis two years ago, Stephanie met the news with some hope. She began a rigorous program of heavy weightlifting to put pressure on her brittle bones. She engaged in a forced eating routine, calcium supplements of over 2000 mg a day, and other dietary measures to compensate for years of minimal eating behaviors. As recommended, she took soy powder (good for women's health) and vitamin D to break down the calcium into portions that the body could use.

Above all, she visualized light coming up through her feet and down through her fingertips. It opened up the cells in her spine, allowing them to absorb healing energy. She focused on creation and healing rather than disease and crumbling cells.
A few months ago, her dexoscan divulged that she now had osteopenia, a condition similar to osteoporosis but much less drastic, much more regressed. She sees it as an affirmation of her divine daughtership, the fact that her body is spun from the blueprint of perfection.

Light and Energy.

"Never underestimate the power we hold as extensions of Divine Being," she says. "Never underestimate the power we hold for deliberate creation. We can deliberately create and through that we can heal, create, change, express."
But she is careful to caution everyone that "there is no one way. Use western medicine, eastern medicine, creative visualization, prayer, the force of the universe. Be open to it all."

Coming from someone who has survived the scare twice, advice like that shouldn't exactly blow us away.