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Beauty Comes From Our Inner Source

By Larry Cook

What is beautiful? Birds singing. Children playing. Snow on the mountains. Vibrant health. Joyful dancing. Confidence, poise and grace. Good physical shape. Attention to detail. Harmony with Life.

Regardless of genes, beauty is proportionate to the harmony we have within ourselves, with others, with nature and with God.
Beauty is a spiritual essence that springs from within to infuse our lives. People who exhibit true beauty are connected to their Inner Source first.  Their physical appearance, their interactions with others, their ability to perform (especially under pressure) and how they live their lives all stems from that source.

It's not always easy to make and keep an ongoing connection with our inner source to anchor true beauty in our lives. As a result, thousands of corporations in the beauty industry give us substitute ways to achieve pseudo-beauty (called glamour).  In so doing, they make a lot of money off of our sincere desire to be beautiful. Rather than helping us connect to our inner source, they give us synthetic chemicalized perfumes, hair and body products, make-up, cleansers and other products which only take us further away from our source. These synthetic man-made products, and the synthetic culture that accompanies them, help cause a disconnect from our Source, and ultimately promote disease in the body and decay in the consciousness. (See the article by Summer Bender on page ten for more insight.)

These manufacturers and retailers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars making their TV commercials and buying air time to tell us that if we don't use their products, other people won't like us or see us as worthy and acceptable. Actors and actresses who don't really care about the products put on a synthetic personality to sell them. In the end, we may emulate the pseudo-beauty we see on TV, even if it isn't real.

As children, we have a certain innocence and inner sense that comes from our spiritual connection. As we get older and move into our teens and twenties, it's easy to get wrapped up in the multi-billion dollar synthetic culture generated by mega-corporations. We may be thinking we are doing the right thing, seeking popularity, but we may also find that we are missing something (true connection with life).

I would like to share with you some things that have helped me to find a greater connection with my own inner self and find beauty and happiness in life. If you adopt these principles, you can also find radiance, poise, good health and beauty:

1. Eat natural, whole, organic foods. Eliminate foods with chemicals that dull your attunement and can cause sickness or disease.
2. Use natural health and beauty aids, including soaps, shampoos, creams, make-up and everything else that goes on the body. Even though regular brands cost less, they also have dangerous chemicals which build up in our bodies to cause disease and sickness later in life. Natural products use herbs and natural ingredients which promote healing and regeneration. (Again, see page twelve for more information.)
3. Exercise. Exercise strengthens the body, moves out toxins (all those chemicals!) and definitely gives us a better appearance. When toxins are removed, we also feel more connected and vibrant.
4. Consider personal counseling and/or learning more about your psychology and how to interact with others. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't have an unresolved issue or two in relationship to self and others. Getting along well with others, under a variety of circumstances and challenges, gives us confidence, poise and inner beauty.
5. Strive to always do better in your thoughts, words and actions. Forgive those who wrong you. Try not to wrong others, and when you slip, ask for forgiveness. This will give you a sense of worthiness and calmness, which is beautiful to behold.
6. Each of us has a mission in life. Find yours, and do your very best to fulfill it, whether you are to be a parent, scientist, farmer, preacher, librarian or something else. Learn all you can. Find a mentor and follow the advice. By doing so, you earn respect with your peers, co-workers and family. Confidence and mastery certainly expresses beauty.
7. Find your spiritual/religious connection.  For some, that may be going to church.  For others, reading an inspirational book or taking a walk.  When you actively do so, you will find the answers you are looking for and feel more harmony with life-more beauty!

Beginning on page ten you will find what some local businesses can do to help you achieve beauty. Get connected, and be beautiful!