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Investing In The Environment 


"The overwhelming majority of scientific experts believe that human-induced climate change is already occurring," stated Robert Watson, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in a November 2000 speech.

Watson further warned, "It is not a question of whether the Earth's climate will change, but rather by how much, how fast and where."
In 1995, after more than a decade of research and debate, 2,500 of the world's leading climate scientists reached the consensus that human greenhouse gas emissions are having a discernible influence on the global climate. The potential impacts of global climate change-rising sea levels, increased severity of storms and unpredictable and severe shifts in weather patterns-justify, if not demand action.

However, much can be done. The Washington Public Interest Research Group (WashPIRG) is working to bring solutions to this debate. They have established Green Century Balanced Fund which invests primarily in the stocks and bonds of environmentally responsible companies.

A critical focus of the Fund's investments is alternative and renewable energy companies, whose technologies do not harm the environment, but instead work to improve it. The Fund's holdings as of March 31, 2001 included:
· AstroPower,* the largest U.S.-owned maker of solar electric power products. AstroPower is one of the fastest growing companies in the solar power industry.

·Vestas Wind systems A/S,* a Danish company established in 1945. A world leader in wind turbine manufacturing, Vestas brings power to three continents. The company places a strong emphasis on client education.

·FuelCell Energy, Inc.,* a developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency power plants. FuelCell's products can deliver clean, efficient electric power plants without many of the environmental drawbacks of other power generators.

Whether you invest in the WashPIRG Fund, create your own "environmentally conscious" portfolio or simply purchase energy conserving products for your home, the fact remains that investing in our environment makes you a much needed part of the solution!
*The holdings of the Green Century Balanced Fund may change due to on-going management and the specific securities described may not be held by the Fund in the future. References to specific investments should not be construed as a recommendation of the securities by the Fund or its distributor. As of March 31, 2001 the companies named in the story at right comprised the following percentages of the Green Century Balanced Fund: AstroPower 2.48%. Vestas Wind Systems A/S 2.80%. FuelCell Energy, Inc. 3.34%. Distributor: Sunstone Distribution Services, LLC 5/01.

For more complete info on the Green Century Balanced Fund, including fees and expenses, call 1(800)93-GREEN for a free prospectus. Please read it carefully before you invest or send money.