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Jessica Moore

Talks about her first Yoga class & Larry's Miso Soup

By Jessica Moore


 My First Yoga Class

Yoga has always been something that has interested me. Through research into the subject, I have heard and read a lot about Yoga and its extraordinary benefits. So a friend and I purchased a book and tried a couple of the postures. It was great! The relaxation during and afterwards was amazing, but I kept feeling as though I was doing some of the moves a bit awkwardly. In mid-December, my roommate called and asked if I wanted to go to a Yoga class with her at YogaMotion in Bozeman, and I thought this would be the perfect chance to get a bit of coaching. So I got on some comfy clothes and drove over to the place for my first yoga class.

The man who was teaching the class was welcoming-he told me to get a mat and some other equipment; then I walked over to my spot to begin the class with about seven other people. The music, as well as his voice, was soothing, and I soon felt the knots in my shoulders begin to unwind. We went over some basic moves, and Pious (the instructor) was very helpful in showing which anatomy was being used and the benefits of each posture, as well as personally adjusting my body when I was not getting it quite right. I liked the personal attention I received, and by the end of class, felt like a new person. My mind was clear, my body felt strong and relaxed, and they were both very balanced. One and a half hours of that class and I was ready to go out and conquer all of my final exams at MSU. I am definitely going to pursue yoga.


Larry's Miso Soup

There are two types of people when it comes to waking up in the morning: there are the "morning people," and then there are those like me, the "not-so-happy-in-the-morning" type people. It takes me a good two cups of coffee in the morning to be able to concentrate enough to form coherent thoughts-let alone concentrate in my early classes. So when I heard about Larry's Morning Miso Soup, I decided to try it (published in the November issue of the Natural Life News & Directory and now on the website).

To my surprise, it tasted wonderful. And better yet, I noticed my ability to concentrate in the morning greatly improved. Besides that, I felt good. Being a recently reformed vegetarian, I feel it is important to get all the nutrients I can from food, and oatmeal gets boring for breakfast. Miso soup is a great tasting, energy enriched food that makes me feel good every time I eat it. So if you are up for trying something new, I recommend giving it a try.