Experienced Los Angeles Location Sound Mixer
Serving L.A. Since 2003

Larry Cook

Extensive Experience
• Electronic press kits (EPK)
• Behind the scenes footage (features, music videos, commercials & events)
• Satellite media tours
• Celebrity interviews (dozens of "A" list celebs)
• Television shows (interviews & b-roll: Animal Planet, History Channel, etc.)
• Red carpet events
• Press junkets
• All video formats: Pro HD (Sony or Panasonic), Betacam SP, P2, HDV, DV
• Multiple camera shoots: audio, time code sync, slate, etc.
• Assistance with lighting set up and tear down, when needed

Broadcast Quality High-End Sound Gear
• PSC 4-channel AlphaMix mixer (see mixer)
• 3 Lectrosonics 401 wireless systems (see transmitter and receiver)
• 3 TR-50 Tram lavs (see microphone)
• Countryman B6 microphone (tiny microphone; easy to hide)
• EV RE50B "stick mic"
• Audio Technica 4073A shotgun microphone (preferred over the Senn 416)
• Koala windsock for the shotgun (for high wind situations)
• 8' carbon fibre boompole
• Stand with boompole holder (for interviews)
• Breakaway cable (or, I can go wireless to the camera)

Rates and Terms
• Rate: 10 hours @ $425; 10 to 12 hrs @1.5X; 12 hrs/plus @ 2X.
• Rate is based on shoots that are in the immediate L.A. area.
• Rate is based on the call time to the end of wrap.

L.A. Cameraman References
Greg Melton 310-259-0596 greg.melton@ca.rr.com
Danny Dimitroff 310-403-0115 dannydimitroff@ca.rr.com
David Lee 310-386-2222 david@dleemedia.com
Stef Butler 818-259-9889 nexus6@ix.netcom.com