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Lose Weight­Naturally!

Don't go on a diet, change your diet

By Larry Cook

When I was 25 years old, I was 6' 3" and weighed 200 pounds. Unfortunately, my weight wasn't due to bulging muscles and a large frame. It was everyday body fat on a small frame. But that changed when I did two things: 1) I switched to an all plant-based diet (no animal products whatsoever) and 2) I started exercising, dancing two to three times a week, often for many hours at a time. Within two months I weighed 150 pounds, and I felt and looked great!

Some people might believe they have to starve themselves to lose weight, but just the opposite is true. We gain weight when we starve ourselves-nutritionally speaking. You see, the vast majority of our plant-based food choices found in conventional supermarkets has been grown on mineral depleted soils, stripped of nutrients during processing and pumped with chemicals. So when we eat, we don't feel full because we don't get the nutrients we need. Animal products (especially dairy) tend to give us unnecessary fat and cholesterol, and if the meat isn't organic, we also get an extra helping of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones and tranquilizers.

So even though we overeat to get nutrients and to feel "full," we are actually malnourished. I can always tell when I eat non-organic food: I usually feel hungry even if I'm full. That's my body telling me I need more nutrients.

To lose weight, consider the following suggestions:

1. Eat only organic and natural (no chemical additives) food:
a. Shop at stores that sell organic and natural foods.
b. Don't buy packaged foods that contain synthetic chemicals.
c. Buy fresh instead of frozen, frozen instead of canned, and eat as much locally grown organic food as possible (for extra freshness and nutrition).

2. Try to eat a mostly or completely plant-based diet:
a. Eliminating as much animal food as possible from your diet can give you very significant weight loss; plus, you'll have more energy and stamina.
b. Try to eliminate all dairy, including butter, cheese, milk and ice cream. Contrary to popular advertising and misleading information taught in schools, cow dairy is not required by our bodies (or children's bodies). Dairy is a major culprit in the battle against the bulge. Three months after I stopped eating all dairy I no longer craved it, even though I loved to eat cheese. If you choose to eat animal products, I recommend organic and free-range products.

3. Eat a whole-foods diet:
a. Avoid pre-created packaged foods as much as possible, and instead, prepare your own food from scratch.
b. Avoid fast-food products completely-hamburgers, french fries, onion rings, sodas, etc.-all this food is high in fat, very low in nutrition, and causes weight gain in most people.
c. Eliminate all sodas, sugar coated snacks and foods, and especially all "diet" products, such as diet sodas which contain artificial sweetenersartificial sweeteners have been linked to numerous health problems and are best completely avoided.
d. There are plenty of natural food alternatives for snack foods, so check them out at a store that carries natural foods.

4. Do a colon cleanse:
a. A dirty colon is the root cause of most disease, and when it's impacted with fecal matter, it also inhibits nutrient absorption, causing us to be more hungry.
b. Seek out a colon hydrotherapist, and/or use a colon cleansing program that you can find at a natural food store.
c. Do an enema, which will flush out toxins and debris, making you more receptive to the nutrients found in food.

5. Take whole food concentrates:
a. Whole food concentrates, such as spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae and others, gives our bodies concentrated minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other great nutrients in an original, unadulterated natural form.
b. Ask for some suggestions next time you're in a natural food store.

6. Exercise:
a. Find an exercise you like, such as dancing, aerobics, martial arts, yoga, weight training, running, tennis, swimming or anything else that forces you to put out effort and perspire, and then do it regularly.
b. Exercise not only burns fat, it also gets the lymph working so that toxins will be expelled from your body-it's a detoxification program.

7. Read "Diet For A New America" by John Robbins:
a. This all-time favorite gives an in-depth understanding of the relationship between diet and disease, and will give you more reasons to change your diet and lose weight than any other.

8. See a Naturopathic Doctor:
a. A naturopath can do a number of diagnostic tests to determine if you have heavy metal toxicity or a mineral and/or vitamin imbalance, and how your adrenal glands are doing (which are in part responsible for your energy level), and give you an overall course of action to lose weight and gain vibrant health.
b. Don't wait until you're sickif you want to lose weight, call a naturopath or holistic health care provider today and schedule an appointment.

To recap,
1. Change your diet instead of going on a diet
2. Exercise
3. Learn
4. See a holistic health care professional

You should see positive results within a few months!