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A shopper's guide to pesticides in conventional produce


The twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables consistently contain the most residues of the most toxic pesticides, and include such popular foods as peaches, strawberries, celery, green beans and apples. Obviously, none of these foods is so contaminated with pesticides that it should never be eaten. On the other hand, people can substantially reduce exposure to pesticides in food without losing any of the nutritional or health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, by minimizing consumption of the twelve most contaminated crops. Eating organic foods avoids most toxic pesticides altogether.

 Rank   Crop   Score (200 = Most Toxic)
 1 Strawberries  189
 2 Bell Peppers (tie)  155
2 Spinach (tie)  155
 4 Cherries (USA)  154
 5 Peaches  150
 6 Cantaloupe (Mexico)  142
 7  Celery  129
 8  Apples  124
 9  Apricots  123
 10  Green Beans  122
 11  Grapes (Chile)  118
 12  Cucumbers  117


For more detailed information, go to: Environmental Working Group

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