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The Root Causes of Disease

By Larry Cook

There are primary root causes for all disease, sickness and premature death:

1. Our bodies get assaulted with too many toxins (pesticides, herbicides, food additives, mercury, fluoride, heavy metals, etc., etc.) and pathogens (worms, parasites, viruses, and harmful bacteria) & certain inappropriate foods (sugar, coffee, etc.) at one time, or accumulated over time

2. Since vast amounts of toxins and sometimes even pathogens are continuously flowing into our bodies, overload occurs, seriously compromising the immune system

3. Sooner or later, fatigue, disease, cancer and/or death will occur, unless the condition is reversed; or managed with drugs

Western medicine, for the most part, treats disease with drugs to manage disease conditions and to take over bodily systems; as opposed to Natural medicine which seeks prevention (proper diet), toxin removal and the use of non-toxic remedies which help to build and strengthen our body's systems. In almost all cases, Western Medicine treats symptoms, not root causes.

For example, for an ear infection (a symptom), a regular Medical Doctor may give a child anti-biotics to kill off the infection. A Naturopathic Doctor would probably give the child an anti-microbial herb to ward off the infection, but would also question why the immune system has failed and try to figure out the root cause of a faulty immune system. Perhaps the child has lead toxicity, or is allergic to dairy (very common) or there is some other reason why the immune system isn't up to par.

So, what you need to know is this: Conventional (alopathic) medicine tends to work to take over and then manage bodily systems­usually through drugs­and holistic healing modalities work to help our bodily systems function at optimum level again­often though detoxification, a change in diet (to eliminate toxins and improve nutrition) and the use of non-toxic remedies (such as herbs and homeopathy) and techniques which stimulate and help the body's own immune system do its job: healing.

When western medicine applies it's techniques, diseases are managed. When holistic healing modalities are applied, often "cures" are reported (because the body could finally heal itself).

There, now you know more about healing than most western medicine doctors!