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A Whole Foods Diet is Simple & Healthy


What Are Whole Foods?
Whole foods are not refined, extracted, processed or made with synthetic chemicals. By this definition, white flour, white rice or sugar are not whole foods.

A whole food contains all of the nutritional factors­vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.­needed to digest and use that food. This often includes leaves, stems, skins and the roots of vegetables.

By eating whole foods, we are able to maintain internal balance, and an adequate supply of nutrition in our blood, body fluids and cells. Health, which is the ability to stay within a range of balance, is established in our bodies so that we can manufacture our own vitamins, enzymes and hormones in proper amounts. Furthermore, we are able to live in vibrant health on grains, vegetables, and beans and legumes-transforming these to everything we need for energy and body maintenance.

How To Eat A Whole Foods Diet
Eating whole foods is easier than you may think. Here are some tips:
1. Buy fresh produce, bulk foods and packaged raw ingredients to prepare nutritious and delicious meals. This brochure contains meal plans for doing just that.
2. Choose packaged meals (e.g. TV dinners, canned soups, etc.) carefully. Read the ingredients to see if the manufacturer is using whole foods. Don't buy "enriched" products, as that means the grains or vegetables have been stripped of their nutritional value by processing. Instead, choose products that use natural ingredients with minimal processing.
3. Buy local produce that is in season. Produce shipped from tropical regions is often picked unripe and isn't as nutritious as when picked ripe and consumed locally. Buying local produce also helps your local farmers thrive.
4. Buy organic. Organic foods sometimes cost more, but organic farmers take extra care to ensure their crops are grown without toxic and persistent pesticides, which have been shown to cause cancer in humans. Although evidence isn't conclusive, many people who eat organic believe organic food is more nutritious as well.